Vision and Values

We provide our partners with innovative engineering solutions and affordable products for a sustainable mobility, building our excellence around people


Good business addicted! Demonstrate resilience and honesty to tough times, with strong focus on the bottom line and by respecting Company compliance, to guarantee business integrity.​​​​​​​

Corporate Citizenship. Contribute positively to the Company life. Give and take feedback to the Stakeholders. Help others to reach their goals.

Authenticity is business too. Act with sincerity, consistency and transparency during the every day activity. Manage mistakes honestly. Don’t promise things we do not keep. Be transparent about potential problems that might affect the timing or the end-result.​​​​​​​



Curiosity is the key. Change yourself, be curious and passionate, leave your comfort zone.

Think and act different. Where others see issues, look for opportunities. Do not fear failure: make it, fail it, learn it fast, make it better.

Change your point of view. Leverage knowledge from different fields and exploit cross pollination; connect ideas from different people; walk in others shoes.​​​​​​​


Reliable Partnership

One Team. Cooperate with each other for a win-win approach; promote people development and leverage on team members distinctive capabilities.

It’s on us. Be open and clear, build a reliable cooperation based on fairness, trust and clear strategy, to setup a long term partnership.

Promote and earn trust. Treat the others honestly and in a respectful and fair way by considering people and organization diversities.



Be brave, take the risk and make it happen. Be accountable, remove roadblocks, take timely actions, look for challenges, anticipate Customer needs, go beyond your standard work, stay focused and take the opportunity.

Think Customer. Meet and anticipate the needs (services and products) of internal and external stakeholders.

Feel the world. Study and understand the world around you. Nourish the network with internal and external stakeholders. Anticipate the change.​​​​​​​


Quality Products through developing people

Be open minded. Promote “active” listening: both company management and employees must be curious and receptive to new ideas and suggestions and open to share them.

Engineer with passion. Develop a product/process following one’s own passions with an engineering activity that comes from the heart, guided by technical skills in continuous evolution.

Ambition for excellence. Develop and cultivate a mind-set to improve YOURSELF and your PRODUCT, to be market leader.​​​​​​​


Operational Excellence

Bias for action. Promote the decision making in each situation or context in order to speed up the execution of the activities (with controlled risk).

Do more with less. Maximize your energies and resources by reducing waste in time, expenses, investments.

Common Vision. Focus on a shared goal and act as a team in the execution.