Corporate Social Responsibility

PUNCH Torino believes that acting in a sustainable, responsible and ethical manner is the key for successful development and is fully committed to ensuring a working environment based on mutual respect, trust, transparency and accountability in everyday actions.

Our Company attributes great importance to its employees, who represent an inestimable legacy of experience, passion and knowledge and guarantees the full respect of the principles of equal opportunity and equal treatment, regardless of skin color, ethnic or social origin, age, disability, sexual identity, worldview or gender.

PUNCH Torino protects safety and health in the workplace and guarantees the highest standards of quality and safety of its products and engineering solutions.

Environmental compliance is a priority for our Company, that operates in accordance with all applicable legislation and on-site procedures, actively involves employees in protecting the environment and commits to reducing waste and recycling materials through the production cycle.

PUNCH Torino’s efforts are oriented towards the development of a more sustainable mobility and the transition to a zero-emission society, by producing technology and products that reduce negative environmental impact.