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PUNCH Torino is the Core Company that allows the PUNCH Group to lead the engineering of innovative propulsion systems and control solutions, based on the unique combined expertise of developing, producing and integrating proven technologies, systems and processes towards turnkey solutions.



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If you are looking for great engines for your application, you are at the right place. PUNCH Torino, thanks to its partnership with General Motors OEM Sales, offers a wide selection of powertrains manufactured by the renowned American company. PUNCH Torino will support you from the physical integration of the powertrain to the control solution, ensuring all your requirements are met and, as a trusted partner, we will help to drive your business success.

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    PUNCH Group becomes the DUMAREY Group

    Deurle/Strasbourg/Turin/Silverstone, September 28th 2023. The PUNCH Group, family business of Mr Guido DUMAREY is proud to announce a double major event: the celebration of its 40 years of innovation, and a new brand to reflect its evolution from a punched metal business into an independent supplier for the development, integration and manufacturing of competitive solutions in the field of powertrains, working towards its vision of “a future where sustainable mobility will be accessible to all”.

    OXE Marine and PUNCH Torino announce a collaboration

    OXE Marine, the company behind the world’s first high performance diesel outboard, and PUNCH Torino, an engineering centre for propulsion systems and electronics, will begin an extensive collaboration to further develop diesel outboard engines. The first step in the collaboration is for PUNCH to review and evaluate the OXE200, OXE Marine’s 200 HP diesel outboard, with a powerhead based on a General Motors 2.0L diesel engine, according to the latest maritime emission requirements. Genova/Torino, September 25, 2023. OXE Marine’s unique and patented solutions allowing for high torque transmission between a marinized powerhead from the automotive industry and lower leg has led to a global high demand for the company’s efficient outboards. PUNCH brings significant engineering and automotive technology competence to the collaboration, and the two parties’ team up to improve on the already low-emission diesel engines to meet future emission regulation standards, and to further develop marine solutions making for a more sustainable and safer maritime environment. “As a company aiming to be on the forefront of marine propulsion, and of course striving to provide our customers with efficient and reliable products that make a positive contribution to the marine environment. We are eager to start this collaboration with PUNCH with the focus on the 150-200HP family of engines from an emission reduction point of view.” says Paul Frick, CEO at OXE Marine AB. This partnership sets a base for many collaborative opportunities for OXE Marine, for example access to various internal combustion engines, including hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines, through which PUNCH, through its subsidiary PUNCH Hydrocells, has considerable expertise. Pierpaolo Antonioli, CEO PUNCH Torino, comments: “Environmental sustainability is a core principle of our technology; working to turn this vision into a concrete reality is our mantra. Partnering with OXE, an innovative company in the marine industry with the same vision of a sustainable future, will lay the foundation for a collaboration to renew and improve the efficiency of OXE's powertrains, thus helping to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.” OXE Marine is a pioneering force in the maritime industry, known for its innovative diesel outboard engines that offer unprecedented power, efficiency, and durability. OXE Marine's solutions are designed to revolutionize maritime propulsion by combining technological excellence with environmental sustainability. With a strong focus on performance and reliability, OXE Marine continues to redefine possibilities in the marine sector. PUNCH Torino was established in 2005 originally as GM Powertrain Europe and later acquired in 2020 by the PUNCH Group. PUNCH Torino is an engineering centre focusing on propulsion and control systems, delivering turnkey solutions through their many years of experience and expertise within technology, production, and integration.  

    High performance and Sustainability: PUNCH’s Winning Formula at the Genoa Boat Show 2023

    The powerful Bukh engines engineered by PUNCH Torino are installed on the Heritage 9.9 US Castagnola Yacht. Environmental sustainability represents a fundamental element of PUNCH's technology. https://www.punchtorino.com/salone-nautico-genova-2023/

    PUNCH Torino, PUNCH Softronix, PUNCH Powerglide are applying the TISAX

    For PUNCH Group confidentiality, availability and integrity of information have great value, therefore we have taken extensive measures on protection of sensitive information by following the question catalogue of information security of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ISA). The Assessment was successfully conducted for PUNCH Torino, PUNCH Softronix and PUNCH Powerglide by a third party TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certified audit provider. Through this assessments, the PUNCH Group's three companies demonstrated their commitment to the rigorous TISAX VDA ISA safeguards. The group has always prioritized product quality and customer satisfaction. With this TISAX assessment, PUNCH furtherly solidifies its leadership in ensuring data protection and information security. Paolo Carlo Pomi, CISO PUNCH Group stated: "This goal signifies an important milestone in information security, assuring our customers of data protection. We will continue investing in best practices and technologies to ensure the perpetual security of our customers' data."

    Vitesco Technologies Italy s.r.l. will become part of the PUNCH Group

    The PUNCH Group, Belgian family-owned company specialised in driveline and powertrain solutions, and Vitesco Technologies, a leader for electrification technologies, announce today the signature of a binding agreement to integrate Vitesco Technologies Italy S.R.L. into the PUNCH Group by the end of this year. Vitesco Technologies Italy and PUNCH will thereby combine their skills to promote innovation towards a decarbonised mobility. This step is in line with the strategy of the Vitesco Technologies Group to focus and increasingly invest in the future of E-mobility. In 2020 PUNCH acquired the GM Propulsion Engineering Center, now represented by three companies in Turin: PUNCH Torino, PUNCH Softronix and PUNCH Hydrocells. The integration of the two Tuscan plants of Fauglia and San Piero a Grado and a sales office in Turin represents a milestone in the growth strategy of the PUNCH Group, aimed at becoming a leader in the market of zero-emission internal combustion engines, with a special attention to the world of alternative fuels and hydrogen. The components developed by Vitesco Technologies Italy and the expertise in mechatronics will be integrated with the variety of products developed by the PUNCH Group, which ranges from control electronics, to propulsion systems, transmissions and their hybridization. The experience acquired by Vitesco Technologies Italy in the field of injectors will create a particular synergy with the skills of PUNCH Torino and affiliated centres focused on the development of "turnkey" innovative propulsion solutions. Thanks to the intended acquisition of Vitesco Technologies Italy, the PUNCH Group will be able to vertically integrate the supply chain of key components and will expand its industrial operations leveraging the manufacturing competences of the teams in Fauglia and San Piero. The intended transaction is expected to close by the end of 2023 and is subject to regulatory approvals being granted and fulfilment of other customary closing conditions. "Vitesco Technologies Italy is a fundamental milestone in the strategy of PUNCH because it is allowing the group to further expand its verticalization in the development of all those components needed to produce the next generation of Internal Combustion Engines," said Guido Dumarey, founder and President of the PUNCH Group. "With the addition of Vitesco Technologies Italy to the Group, we are thrilled to develop for our customers and technology partners even more integrated and advanced solutions. Their know-how on gasoline injectors will speed-up the development of a new generation of Hydrogen Injection Systems that combined with existing capabilities of PUNCH Group in the development of Engines, Transmission and Electronic Controls will lead to a revolutionary solution for Internal Combustion Engines, contributing to our common goal to decarbonize the planet”. Pierpaolo Antonioli, CTO of the PUNCH Group and CEO of the Italian entities of the PUNCH Group added: “The extraordinary skills of the two sites are absolutely complementary to ours and will boost the execution of our strategy. It is wonderful to see how strongly the expertise from the Italian entities is empowering the PUNCH Group.” "This step is a win-win situation for both companies. I’m convinced that PUNCH Group with its aspiration to become a leading integrator and manufacturer of driveline solutions will perfectly fit with the expertise of Vitesco Technologies Italy. On the other hand, the Vitesco Technologies Group can thus focus on the future of E-mobility. Due to this planned acquisition research and production activities within the region are sustained", said Riccardo Toncelli, Managing Director of Vitesco Technologies Italy.

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